About Us

Our Story

Ours is an authentic story, of people who carefully nurture strains for a truly important cause. Since 2008, we’ve been growing a wide range of medical cannabis strains that exceeds the benefits of traditional medical treatments. The wide range of quality strains that was developed by us, combined with the attentive nurturing provided by our team, enable any patient to find the perfect match to their personal medical condition.

Impeccable Quality


We couldn’t be prouder of the controlled environment we’ve developed for growing our plants and its ability to monitor the quality of ingredients throughout the entire manufacturing process.We use advanced monitoring technology that allows us to track the medical cannabis.

Our Unique Growth Protocol

Automatic Trimming System

Guidance & Assistance

Many resources are invested in growing and Great resources are invested in nurturing and distilling our unique cannabis strains. Once planted, each one goes through a careful, personal process led by our professional cultivation team, in order to maintain its quality and components to ensure the continuum of care.

Our many years of experience in the field have led us to develop an automatic system that trims the plants without a human touch. This proprietary patent was created to prevent contamination and protect the flowers’ impeccable quality.

Our skilled team is happy to support our customers by matching them with the right strains and guiding them every step of the way, starting with their permit application and until they become fully adjusted to the treatment.



I have been dealing with psychiatric conditions all my life, and recently finally got it diagnosed. After trying conventional medicine for a few years, I decided to give MMJ a try. The relief it has given me has been unparalleled. According to everyone close to me, I seem better. I haven't had an episode yet while medicated.


Off opioids. Blood sugar down. Whole body arthritis, off more pills. Multiple chronic conditions. Plants, not pills. My experiences are 100% positive; and I have regained the will, and desire, to face today....and tomorrow. NOTE: sharing my experience, not giving medical advice; each patient is different.