50mg THC Chocolate




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50mg THC Chocolate

The best kind of chocolate – melt in the mouth 74% Organic dark chocolate infused with our Organic CBD oil. We have three AMAZING flavours! Original, sweet orange and refreshing mint.

The perfect pick me up treat and makes a great present in a luxury box with gold foiling.

Made with our full spectrum hemp extract.

Vegan, and produced in our nut/soy/gluten free kitchen. Certified Organic with the Soil Association.

40g bars wrapped in a 100% home compostable film wrapper.

Store in a cool dry area away from sunlight.

50mg THC Chocolate for sale

Take a step into a world of relaxation with Retro Bakery’s 50mg Delta-9 THC Milk Chocolate, a premium treat sure to delight your senses.

Made with high-quality hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, each box contains ten pieces of delectable milk chocolate that pack a potent punch with 10mg per piece. Experience the perfect blend of sweet and earthy notes in each velvety bite, and let the euphoric and calming effects of Delta-9 THC melt your worries away.

Whether treating yourself or looking for a unique gift for a loved one, this exquisite milk chocolate is the perfect way to elevate your hemp experience to new heights.

Where to buy 50mg THC Chocolate

If you are looking for 50mg THC and CBD edibles you came to the right place! At BC Weed Edible we are offering various products with this type of THC content from the classic gummies, chocolates to the unexpected Macarons!

Since the legalization of THC infused edibles in Canada, 50mg THC infused edibles are gaining popularity over time. 50 mg THC Infused Edibles are widely available from online dispensaries for those who want an alternative way of using marijuana without smoking it or vaping it, but still enjoy the benefits of cannabis products such as anxiety relief and pain relief.


50mg edibles are considered as “strong“ for most people, be responsible with it! Check our edible dosage chart by weight if you are not sure about how much you should take.

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