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Purple Moonrocks

Buy Purple Moonrocks is a premium medical marijuana strain with a variety of uses. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with rather potent effects. This strain is strong and packs a punch with every puff. Purple Moon Rock has a unique flavor profile that consumers describe as floral and skunky with a hint of blueberry. Purple Moon Rocks is a popular strain because it is an all-around premium flower. Buy  Online

Overview of Purple Moon Rocks

Buy Purple Moon Rocks is an Indica-dominant hybrid that many cannabis connoisseurs desire. Blue Moon Rocks not only is a perfect strain for retail consumers looking for a heavy body high, but it is also an ideal medical marijuana strain. This strain has a high potency of around 40 percent to 60 percent THC. Combine its powerful high with a unique terpene profile and consumers can’t get enough of this first-class strain. However, this strain has a time and a place. It is best for night-time smoke sessions and lazy rainy days. Purple Moon Rocks is one to keep an eye out for in legal dispensaries!

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Purple Moonrocks

Potential Positive Effects of Purple Moon Rocks

Consumers have found Purple Moon Rocks to be a dominant strain. Many consumers describe the effects as being euphoric, relaxing, and occasionally giggly. As long you can stay awake this is the perfect strain for watching classic comedies.

Potential Negative Effects of Purple Moon Rocks

The adverse effects associated with Purple Moon Rocks are mild. The most common are dry eyes are cotton mouth. Some consumers report feeling paranoid, fatigued, or dizzy when consuming high amounts.

The Lineage of Purple Moon Rocks

Purple Moon Rocks has a relatively unique lineage. It is a cross between Purple Moon and BOG Bubble. Both parents are apparent in Purple Moon Rocks, and the combination makes for a dank cannabis flower.

Growing Purple Moon Rocks

Purple Moon Rocks is not the most difficult strain to grow. In fact, it is an ideal strain for beginning growers looking for a heavy Indica. Even novice cultivators enjoy growing this strain. It has a short flowering time of around 48 to 58 days and tends to have a high yield. Purple Moon Rock is known for producing beautiful cola buds covered with trichomes. Any grower appreciates having such an appealing strain around.

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Where to Find Purple Moon Rocks

Consumers have a difficult time finding Purple Moon Rocks. It has made its way over to the East Coast and is somewhat abundant in Rhode Island. However, it is more common to see Purple Moon Rocks in states like Washington, Michigan, and California.

Purple Moonrocks for sale

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Purple Moonrocks

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