Purple OG Kush


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Purple OG Kush

Buy Purple OG Kush is a calm and sedative Indica-dominant Hybrid. The strain features a tasty sweet grape aroma. And moderate amounts of THC, and is beloved by new and experienced consumers alike.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 34.67%

CBD: 0.1%


Purple OG Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid . The result is a powerful flower with heavy, sedative properties.

While it is not the strongest Indica out there.boasts couch-locking and sleepy effects at times. However, the uplifting qualities of OG Kush shine through, providing a euphoric head high.

The THC content in this strain tests up to 40%. Making it moderately potent in terms of psychoactivity.


The average levels of THC mean. This marijuana strain would be a great choice for those with intermediate cannabis experience. Though, even marijuana  will appreciate the distinct herbal, grape aroma of this bud.

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Going step-for-step with the potency of this herb. These grape aromas are powerful. Add in a mix of berries and some pine. And marijuana consumers have found themselves some seriously  weed.

As is typical of Indica marijuana. This strain exhibits dense bud structures. That can grow so heavy that they require support. Purple flecks may appear on the leaves of the plants. Have been exposed to cold temperatures in the right part of their growth cycle.

Medical Benefits of  Kush

Medical marijuana patients familiar with strains will be familiar with theremedies of this purple variation.

Many medical cannabis patients pick up this strain for afternoon and evening stress relief

It is also thought to be an effective sleep aid for those suffering from

In addition, the upbeat and happy mood boost from this medical marijuana strain makes it popular among those with depression.

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