Strawberry Blue Strain


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Buy Strawberry Blue Strain Online

Strawberry Blue Strain

Buy Strawberry Blue strain is a very functional hybrid  that provides. Users with a wakeful, cerebral uplift and a sweet berry taste.
Buy Strawberry Blue strain is a somewhat obscure Hybrid. Descended from the Strawberry and the Blue family. It provides a focused, euphoric head high that encourages creativity and relaxation. Combined with considerable pain-relieving effects. Moreover, it’s just totally delicious. With a mix of sour and sweet berry flavors.

Buy Strawberry Blue Strain Online

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 28.78%

CBD: 0.5%


Buy is Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana that is primarily cerebral in effect. Bred by World of Seeds, it’s a mix of the well-known Strawberry and a proprietary specimen. From the notably delicious Blue family. The result is tasty cannabis that provides a shiny, relaxing head high. At 16 to 30% THC, it’s potent, but not extreme.

Buy Strawberry Blue Online

This combination of effects makes Strawberry Blue excellent for daytime use. Especially for a long, scenic walk. Moreover, enthusiasts report feeling more pain relief than is typical of most Sativa-dominant Hybrids. This means this is a potentially good medicinal weed for those who have pain issues but don’t want to be totally sedated by their chosen strain.

True to its Blue heritage, this cannabis is greenish-blue, with dense, pinecone-like buds covered with rusty pistils. Trichome coverage is sparse, and the buds are broken fairly easily.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Blue

Thanks to its well-balanced nature, this herb can be a nice option for medical marijuana patients looking to treat a number of symptoms.

Pain-relieving effects are potentially helpful for patients dealing with chronic pain of various kinds

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