White Lightning Strain


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White Lightning Strain

Buy White Lightning marijuana strain is a potent Hybrid flower. White Lightning.
If you’re in the mood for a deeper mind-body connection, the White Lightning marijuana strain is the perfect assistant. This fast-hitting Hybrid offers consumers a titillating cannabis experience, inspiring a deep physical relaxation and a dreamy euphoric elevation.

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Lab Tested Results:

THC: 21%

CBD: 0.2%


This flower has earned its name. Fast-acting, ajolt hits consumers shortly after the first inhale.  While it may sound intimidating, deep down, a friendly cannabis strain is all about  relaxation.

This marijuana strain is potent, but the weed provides a comfortable balance between focused mental experience and soothing heavybodied sensation. Sometimes, the combination of the cerebral and physical effects can bring about a dreamy state of mind.

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Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

White Lightning Oil Pens may be available from select cannabis brands, depending on the region.

White Lightning shatter, White Lightning wax, and other White Lightning concentrates are available from a number of retailers.

Traits of White Lightning and White Lightning Seeds

A Hybrid, this marijuana strain has some impressive lineage. A cross between White Widow and Northern Lights #5, this flower is a true Dutch treat.

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Potent, this strain can reportedly produce up to 24 percent THC. However, Home growers are more likely to see under 20 from this psychedelic weed.

Medical Benefits of White Lightning

This potent strain can be just the ticket for medical marijuana patients looking to break through their  barrier in order to treat a variety of .

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